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Normal People

I have finally finished BBC Three’s Normal People, which is an adaptation of Sally Rooney’s novel of the same title. Reviews are very positive and I heard so many people said they loved it. I decided to give it a go but sorry, fans of the series, I just don't quite understand the obsession. This entry might upset some fans but it is just some personal opinion.

I don’t necessarily hate the series. The story depicted a very modern style of romance, it did reflect an era. I think it’s beautifully shot and the performance was brilliant from both leading actors, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal. However, I just couldn't invest in their story emotionally. I tried to understand but till episode 12, I still couldn’t understand why people loved it so much. I just think it is a story of toxic people hurting other people along their journey. For starters, I didn’t like Connell that much. The way he acted so innocently pissed me off even more. I’m not saying he faked his innocence, I believe that is his true character, but what he did was terrible. If you haven’t moved on from Marianne, don’t date other people. Poor Helen. Connell wasn’t very nice to Marianne either. Yes, he came to realise that he was horrible to Marianne in school, but he did think it wasn’t a problem at first. Okay, you learned your lesson, but then he still didn’t treat Marianne very nicely when they’re in Trinity. I think he only was nice to her after he got depression.

As for Marianne, I do like her and I empathise for her. I guess for me it is like she deserved so much better. And some people are just toxic for each other, like them. They hurt other people along because THEY HAVEN’T MOVED ON FROM EACH OTHER! Jesus Christ, people, don’t bring your baggage to a new relationship. Adjust yourself or don’t date. Of course, they are young, they make mistakes. It’s natural, yes, but it doesn’t justify the mistakes. I think it’s because from the very beginning, as an outsider, I would suggest that they shouldn't stay friends. Staying friends with your ex makes things so complicated and this is why they had all the drama. I mean, I get the temptation, but it really does you harm more than good. Yes, Connell and Marianne grew together eventually, but I bet if they didn’t stay friends, it’d be easier for them to move on and probably had happier lives.

I think it’s me against toxic relationships, and my philosophy towards relationships doesn’t match with Normal People is all. Cos to me I feel like, Normal People, more like Toxic People (or Horny People). Sorry, I just don’t feel it. Speaking of horny people, the sex scenes were very intense and I wasn’t expecting that. The first few episodes I felt a little like watching Fifty Shades of Grey because Daisy Edgar-Jones’s look is a bit similar to Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades. Anyway, that I think is a part of the story and their emotions. My problem with the series is not the scenes, it’s the relationship of the characters. I do like the ending though, I feel like that is the way it should be. Marianne decided not to go to New York, because, she has a life too! New York is more for Connell and would be brilliant for him as a writer, but not really for Marianne. If she goes there, she’d just be there for Connell.

Regardless of me not connecting with their relationships, there are tiny elements that I like. For example, how Connell gets to therapy (Jesus Christ, everyone please go to therapy, it’s not a stigma and it is so helpful. Get help if you need it), how they didn’t put judgement on depression, how twisted Marianne’s family is (not dramatic, but realistic). However, like I said, I just don’t connect with their relationship. That’s why I can’t say I like the series.

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