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Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot To Handle is a Netflix reality show. The show is mainly about a bunch of singles who are on an island for a retreat, but they are not allowed to kiss, hook up or have sex of any kind, or else they will lose their prize money. Interesting premise, especially the contestants are, excuse my language, a bunch of f**kboys and f**kgirls, who are so used to have casual relationships and different sexual partners. The point of this retreat is to break their pattern of immediately forming a physical relationship (as these relationships pretty much end there), they have to learn how to date properly, to have long-lasting relationships, to form genuine emotional connections before physical connections.

I feel like this show is very timely as it aired during coronavirus hit the world. We are all restricted in, pretty much our household, and not allowed to meet other people. Coronavirus also prevents you from interacting with other people in person, no physical contact. It sounds like the rules in Too Hot To Handle, doesn’t it? I think what’s interesting about the show is, the retreat did work! Case in point: Sharron and Ronda. Sharron is your typical f**kboy and made a move on Ronda pretty much from the beginning of the show. The brief break between the two in the show revealed the secrets of the two – Sharron was hurt, he was cheated by both his ex and his best friend. That’s why he didn’t want to open up. For Ronda, she understands where Sharron was coming from, because, let’s be honest, we all dated arseholes. But with the help of David (oh he’s so selfless), Lana, our oh-so-wise AI, and Ronda herself, Sharron managed to form a genuine connection with Ronda. In my opinion, they are the most successful couple in the show.

Another pair who are very controversial, Harry and Francesca, who basically lost everyone’s money by breaking the rules all the time. I hated Harry from the beginning, because he was obviously a player and he lied about breaking the rule. However, he changed (okay we will talk about this more later, but let’s focus on him in the show for now). I was quite surprised when he said he didn’t want to break the rules anymore when Francesca kind of wanted to kiss him. And how he treated Francesca like a nice guy. I was thinking maybe he did change. On the other hand, Francesca had her own test too when Kori asked her out on a date. She could’ve handled it better and she admitted that, but she did send the message to Kori, which is she is loyal to Harry. I still think Sharron and Ronda had the best performance but I was pretty surprised that Harry and Francesca came this far.

Then we have the after show zoom meeting episode. We now know that Sharron and Ronda are no longer together, which, to be honest, is quite heartbreaking to see, especially you can see Ronda is really hurt. They didn’t tell us the reason of the breakup, they only told the audience they still care deeply for each other. It is a shame as they made a really lovely couple and Sharron seemed to get on well with Ronda’s little boy. On the other hand, Harry and Francesca were still together when the episode was filmed. They split once but they got back together, and Harry even proposed to Francesca in the episode! I was very surprised that they worked out and Sharron and Ronda didn’t. But I was happy for them as they seemed to learn the core of the retreat.

How wrong I was. Harry and Francesca have announced they have broken up a month after the engagement. Rumour has it that Harry was cheating on Francesca by going out with Madison (their co-star on the show). I read the statements from the both of them, I guess f**kboy will always be a f**kboy. As for Francesca, she showed her flaws in the show but she seemed to have overcome and learned her lesson. I hope she will be alright. (Yes, I know it’s probably all fixed but still, they did keep dating after the show.)

I think as a reality show, Too Hot To Handle has a refreshing concept and gives a positive attitude towards self-development and dating. It is also quite convincing by showing some f**kboys have changed (or have they? Well, at least in the show they have), but some will remain the same. You can’t change everyone and you just have to be careful. Yes, I am talking about you, Chloe.

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